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What Clothing to Bring to Commercial Photo Shoots

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If you are a budding model be prepared to invest in a commercial wardrobe as most models are often required to bring a wardrobe to the shoots, and to stock shoots in particular. Below you will find a list of wardrobe items most stylists would request you to bring along.

Women will need:
a few skirts,
nice black slacks and tan pants,
a few business suits,
a little black dress,
scarves and accessories, including inexpensive costume jewelry and a ring resembling a wedding ring;
5 or 6 tops with no logos of different colors, except black, no crazy colors or prints;
a turtleneck,
jeans with no holes and not too worn-looking,
shorts of medium length,
a blazer,
a jean jacket,
tennis shoes without prominent logos,
black and tan low-heeled shoes,
classic black high heels,
ball cap without a logo,
nude undergarments,
strapless bra, nude;
tube top,
a one-piece bathing suit and a two-piece one.
Men will need:
an expensive suit,
dress shirts to match the suit (4 or 5 in different colors),
2 or 3 ties to coordinate with shirts,
socks—black, tan, and white;
black shoes,
tan shoes,
tennis shoes without obvious branding,
polo-style shirts (3 or 4 in different colors),
T-shirts (white, black, a few colors, no logos),
Dockers-type pants in navy and khaki
dress slacks, dark and light, but not white;
several belts,
pullover sweaters in a few colors,
swim shorts,
shorts, cargo in tan or khaki and one dark color;
dress and sports watches,
ball cap with no logo.

Final tips: before the shoots make sure you take your clothes to the dry cleaner to avoid fading and wrinkles. The clothing should be on hangers and in a garment bag. All clothing should be free of obvious branding, otherwise the photographer won't be able to use it on the shoot. Small logos on polo-style shirts are OK, but anything larger may show up.

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