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Autumn – Winter 2016

Karl Lagerfeld is not only a fashion guru but an inventive genius as well. At this mornings fashion show he gave a much coveted present to every guest that attended - a front row seat. Lagerfeld accomplished this by creating a six hundred meter runway lined with three thousand chairs. This cat walk took each model about 8.5 minutes to complete and the fashion show lasted about the same amount of time. This presentation gave a true Chanel Couture feel. Mademoiselle Chanel couldn't have done it better herself in the fifties.

Saint Laurent came out with a quite original number as well during the night. He captivated his audience by running his fashion show with out music and announced each look as a number. His speaker had a very vintage voice and this created a very nostalgic atmosphere.

Although these shows had an old fashioned vibe the audience was filled with nothing but youth. Pharrel Williams arrived in a Chanel jacket made from frosted tweed. The fashion itself was also made for the new generation in variations of white high end sweat shirts with gold buttons. The show’s looks perfectly coincided with the high fashion athletic look that is trending currently and taking over the 2016 runways.

The looks came complete with leather hoodies that Kendal Jenner modeled as well as quilted jacket drawstrings that Gigi Hadid rocked down the runway. The luxe utility vibe was in full effect. Distressed denim along with peace signs graced the runway among grand images showing gardenia. The print of the night had to be the cat printed across the lurex pleated skirts. The cat is special because it is Lagerfeld’s very own Choupette.

Also featured was leather criss cross lacing which was shown throughout many fashionable collections this year in new York all the way to Paris. The look has graced jackets all the way to formal evening wear. The fashion did not stop there! Double stranded pearl necklaces were featured along with boater hats that had padding. Of course Choupette cuffs made their debut as well as a new style of flattened riding boots. In short, there are many new eye catching pieces available for the next generation Chanel buyer.

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