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3 Principal Photos for Your Child’s Modeling Portfolio

Today many parents would like their baby, infant, child or teen start the modeling career. If you are one of them then the following tips from will help you get started in child modelling and become successful in the new field.
If you want your child to attract the attention of the modeling agency, you should realize what exactly what they are looking for. All agencies will want several key snapshots to decide whether your child suits them or not. Any beginner model needs 3 primary photographs. The good thing is that you don't need to get a professional photographer to take these shots. Just keep your costs low until you've got a job.
So grab your digital camera to take these three essential photographs with!
1. The "head shot"
The first is the 8” x 10” snapshot from the neck up. Taking this photo make sure you don't use any cosmetics or hair styling products. The photograph should be taken in natural light, for example, in a well-lit room or outdoors. A smile and eye contact are essential, but the main thing is that you child should look natural.
2. The "body shot"
The next is an 8” x 10” full-length photograph. The photographers and casting directors don't expect the kid to stand up straight – your child should just stand with a comfortable posture in this shot.
3. The "personality shot"
Finally you will need to take an 8” x 10” shot of your child looking uninhibited and most comfortable. This photo should reveal child's natural personality. And don't forget about eye contact!
Before printing the pictures consider checking lighting and focus, and make sure there are not many props or brand names on the shots. Then print the photographs to check their quality, and that's it! You will need to update the shots every six months.
Don't be worried about preparing your first portfolio, because these three key photographs will be able to make a good first impression of your child on agencies. So send the photographs by mail and hope for the calls.
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